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Guru Educare is an unique school for students who are unable to attend regular schools in Delhi.

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Very low and reasonable price

Guru Educare provides all educational services at a very low and reasonable price without any hidden charges, Which you can't find anywhere else.

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Personalized and Self-paced Learning

Students are not restricted by traditional classroom schedules and can progress through their coursework at their own pace.

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Non Attending Dummy Schools in Delhi with Guru Educare, Why?

Guru Educare is the best solution for non attending dummy schools in Delhi and ncr that provides solutions to students according to their condition and time table.

Non attending schools in Delhi and NCR:

Education is important for all children, but some students in Delhi have problems that stop them from going to regular schools. At Guru Educare, we think that every child should have a good chance to learn and grow, no matter what difficulties they have. Our plan is to make education easier for students who can't go to normal schools in Delhi. We do this by giving them simple learning plans and lots of different courses to choose from. Let's see how Guru Educare makes it easier for students outside of regular schools to achieve their goals in life.

Making easy way of Education for non attending school’s students:

In Delhi, the main city of India, there are students who have different problems that make it hard for them to go to school. These problems can be about money, health, distance to schools, or personal issues. At Guru Educare, we understand these difficulties, and we want to help by offering the best schools in Delhi and the surrounding areas for students who cannot attend regular schools.

Our education system provides the best solution to the problems of non-attending school’s students. They have an equal opportunity like regular school students to learn and grow. By removing the problems they face, we open doors to education for them that were difficult. We believe that every student needs the chance to fulfill their life’s goals, without facing any problem on their educational journey.

Special Learning for every student’s Growth:

At Guru Educare Private Limited, we know that every student is special and learns in their own way. We provide special learning plans that are designed for each student, without any limitations. By understanding their situations, we create special paths for them to learn in our non-attending school program in Delhi. Our system helps each student learn in their own way. We provide a special learning system where students can study according to their preferences. We offer support and guidance to make their learning journey easier. In our non-attending dummy school system, every student can work towards their life goals based on their own choices.

Alternate to Suit Busy Schedules:

A lot of students in Delhi who can't attend regular school have busy schedules because of different situations. It's challenging for them to get an education with these circumstances. At Guru Educare, we recognize the needs of these non-attending students. Our non-attending school system offers different options for students to study based on their conditions and schedules. We help students who can't go to regular schools by providing solutions for them to complete their education without any problems. Our students can access our courses and study materials whenever it suits them. This makes it an easy and convenient way for non-attending students in Delhi to get an education.

Opening Doors with Self Learning:

Regular schools have strict timetables that can be difficult for some students because of their personal issues. At Guru Educare, we provide a flexible learning option that caters to each student's needs and schedule. With our self-paced learning approach, students can progress in their studies at their own preferred pace and according to their own timetable. This allows students to have more control over their learning and choose how they want to learn. We have certain schools in Delhi (CBSE) where we offer admissions specifically for students who are unable to attend regular classes. These admissions are referred to as "dummy/non-attending" admissions. When students learn on their own, they can spend more time on difficult topics and go faster through easy ones. This gives them extra time to attend coaching institutes for exams like IIT JEE or NEET, or to participate in extracurricular activities at different colleges in India. Our non-attending school solutions help students take charge of their education and learn in a way that works best for them.

Different Courses for Different Needs:

Our non-attending school program offers a special learning approach for students in different classes, such as 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th with Delhi state quota 85% seats. We also provide additional support for higher education in fields like finance and technology. We suggest considering a dummy/non-attending admission in a school to save money while preparing for competitive exams such as NEET (medical), JEE-Mains/Advanced (engineering), or other exams. This allows you to focus on your exam preparation without the need to attend regular classes.

  • We strongly believe that by providing a wide range of courses and partnering with coaching institutes and colleges in Delhi NCR and across India, we create opportunities for non-attending students to pursue their education.
  • For students who enjoy hands-on learning, we provide additional courses in practical fields like computer programming, graphic design, arts, and technology. These courses allow students to develop their skills and explore their interests in these areas.
  • We have many different courses for students to choose from, so they can follow their interests and passions. Our goal is to help non-attending students in Delhi achieve their educational dreams and find their own path to success.

Specific Support for All Students:

At Guru Educare, we know that students who can't go to regular school face different problems while studying. To help them, we provide support to students in 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. Our team of teachers and support staff are here to help students every step of the way. If students have any questions about their courses, study materials, or need extra learning support, our management team carefully looks into their concerns. Our supportive team is always ready to provide assistance and guidance in all situations.

At Guru Educare, we want to help every student who can't go to regular schools because of various problems. We have a special way of learning that suits each student's needs. We offer support to make learning easier and provide many different courses to choose from. Our goal is to give every student a chance to succeed in their education.

Through regular interactions, feedback, and personalized assistance, we ensure that students receive the necessary guidance to thrive academically. Our dedicated support system empowers non-attending students to overcome challenges, build confidence, and achieve their academic goals.

Mission of Non Attending Dummy Schools With Guru Educare

At Guru Educare Non-Attending Dummy School in Delhi, our goal is to help students who can't go to regular schools achieve their dreams in education and career without any problems. Come join us at Guru Educare and start a learning journey that will open doors to success and a brighter future. Let's work together to remove barriers to education and create a world where every student can thrive and succeed.

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Scholarships to deserving students based on various criteria such as academic performance, financial need, and extracurricular activities.

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  • 2023-24


class 9th, Class 10 and Class 12 board exams through Non Attending Dummy Schools in Delhi and NCR. Students can select Science, Commerce and Humanities streams as per their choice.

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We offer individualized assistance from a team of seasoned professionals who are well-versed in the intricacies of the admission process for different fields of engineering and technology and colleges in Delhi.

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  • NEET


We also provide comprehensive support to help you choose the most suitable medical colleges in Delhi through NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) that align with your ambitions.

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  • UG/PG


We also offer a range of undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) courses across various fields of study. Here are some examples of these professional courses like B.Ed, BBA, BCA etc.









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